Selecting a Color for Your Bimini Top

When it comes to selecting a color for your bimini top, it’s mostly a matter of taste. You may want to choose a color that complements or matches other colors on your boat’s exterior or interior. Or you may want to choose a color that represents your alma mater, or your personal style. TopMaster offers the most common and popular bimini top colors, so you can find something right for you.

You should keep in mind that everyone’s computer monitor is a little bit different, so the color you see here may not be exactly what it looks like in person, and colors in bright sunlight may look a little more vibrant and luminous as well.

Most colors in use today are generally similar enough that you’ll be happy with your selection – if you have some Forest Green on your boat, it should be close enough to the Forest Green options we offer, for example.

Sunbrella Colors vs. TopMaster Polyester Colors

If you’re shopping Sunbrella bimini tops, you’ll be happy to know that the colors you’ll see on our website are the same as those that you’ll find shopping Sunbrella anywhere else.

And if you see something you like in Sunbrella offering, the polyester version of color will be a very close match, and vice versa. So even if the color has a different name, Navy Blue is going to look like Navy Blue, no matter which fabric you choose.

Fade Resistance

Both our Sunbrella and polyester bimini tops use solution-dyed fabrics, which means that every thread is dyed before being woven together. A lot of other brands on the market will use a coating method, so that the color is only on the top and bottom layers of your bimini top, but don’t run all the way through. With TopMaster bimini tops, the solution-dyed fabric options of Sunbrella acrylic and our polyester are the longest-lasting marine canvas fabrics available. They are extremely fade resistant to sun, wind, water and cleaning.