Selecting the Right Frame Diameter for Your Bimini Top

There are two options for your pontoon boat bimini top frame diameter – 1-inch and 1.25-inch. The difference is simply a matter of preference for you. If you have other accessories on your boat today with 1-inch metal, then you may want to just match what you have today.

You should be aware that the 1-inch diameter is only available in our “smooth” metal option, while selecting a 1.25-inch frame would allow you to select either the “smooth” or “fluted” metal option, which has a textured groove running parallel up and down the pole.


Pontoon Bimini Top Frame Options


The TopMaster Marine Quick Connect System for Sport Tops

If you’re shopping for a Sport Top – you’ll be able to take advantage of our unique Quick Connect system that makes our sport tops ready to assemble straight out of the box. And easy to quickly take off the boat for cleaning when you get bombed by a seagull or a flock of geese out on the water.