Finding the Right Length for Your Bimini Top

Selecting the right length for your bimini top is all about deciding how much shade coverage you want for your boat. You may feel more confident in your selection if you grab the tape measure, get on your boat and see what length will cover the areas you want covered. If you have a pontoon boat where you love to stand in the sun on the back deck and go fishing for example, buy a bimini top that’s going to leave you a good 4 feet or so of your deck.

I Want a Longer Top, What Should I do?

If you want more coverage take a look at our double or twin top offerings. These tops are literally two tops that connect together, giving you double the coverage, and are great for extra long party boats.

What if I Don’t See My Bimini Top’s Length?

Bimini tops generally come in a standard size, so if you’re looking for measurements that we don’t have, you may have a boat that came with a custom bimini top, or an unusually sized brand. Our advice is to go with the length that will cover the portion of the boat you want covered, and don’t worry about matching exactly to the size you have if it’s not offered here.