How are TopMaster fabrics different from other brands?

1. TopMaster tops are solution-dyed

Both our Sunbrella and polyester bimini tops use solution-dyed fabrics, which means that every thread is dyed before being woven together. A lot of other brands on the market will use a coating method, so that the color is only on the top and bottom layers of your bimini top, but don’t run all the way through. With TopMaster bimini tops, the solution-dyed fabric options of Sunbrella acrylic and our polyester are the longest-lasting marine canvas fabrics available.

2. We use long-lasting PTFE thread stitches

PolyTetraFlouroEthylene (PTFE) thread is the best thread out there for marine accessories – it will literally outlast your top’s fabric. It’s super high-quality, chemical resistant and ultra-UV resistant, so you won’t be in the ranks of boaters who watch their stitching give out even if their top is still in great shape.

Sunbrella vs. Polyester Fabric – Which Should I Choose?

When deciding between a bimini top with Sunbrella fabric versus a bimini top with TopMaster’s polyester fabric, it comes down to a matter of a few key factors:

1. Your budget

Sunbrella is going to be more expensive across the board. And you get what you pay for – the Sunbrella solution-dyed acrylic has the best UV resistance on the market, which means it’s going to last longer than our polyester fabric offering.

2. How long you plan to keep your top

Since Sunbrella is a bit more expensive, it makes sense as an investment if you’re looking for something that’s going to last a good 7-10 years. But if you like to change up your boat accessories frequently or think you’ll be upgrading to a different boat in the near future, you could save yourself a little cash in the short term and go with polyester.

3. How exposed your boat is to the elements

The amount of exposure your bimini top will get to the elements – sun, water, wind, etc – will also affect the longevity of the look of your fabric. Especially if you’re taking your boat out on the ocean or other salty bodies of water – salt water exposure will make fabric fade faster. So if you consider yourself a frequent boater you’ll be better off investing in Sunbrella. If you’re only taking the boat out a few times a season and keeping it covered the rest of the time, polyester will be fine.